Install OSMC

Yesterday I installed OSMC on my Raspberry Pi, as OpenELEC gave a lot of problems since I upgraded to 6.0, as it freezed frequently when watching TS files, including live television. OSMC does make a lot of things a lot easier due to the fact it's Debian based. I switched to OpenELEC because of the hacky updating system of RaspBMC, but as OSMC now uses APT, it's alright.

It took quite a while to find out it was a software issue, as the first time I really realized there was a problem was after I did a spring clean at my desk, and I thought something had gone wrong. I wanted to try if it was an issue with the rpi itself by switching with the rpi I'd used for as a server at PCextreme. However, I was unable to do so, as I couldn't do much due that damned binary blob, which prevents me to use the video decoder! It's one of the last pieces of proprietary software I use, and I want to get rid of it. But it's uncertain to be possible in combination with my small old CRT television, and I'm not going to get a new one before I finished my studies.

I had a problem however with the switch to OSMC, more particularly with my remote control. It emulates a keyboard but, probably due to the fact OSMC uses lirc, it doesn't work completely in OSMC, although it works perfectly well on a clean Debian install. Debugging information shows it indeed receives lirc events. I tried to disable lirc, but it didn't really work well. After a lot of tries, I corrected the used Lircmap.xml so I could use the same keymap file as I used to.

Writing this I got an idea however in order to replace the pi now. I planed to use my first server for Kodi. I thought it wouldn't be possible to do so now because the only video card I have which has an RCA output uses a resolution which is bigger than standard PAL. However, it would probably work when I defined a custom xrandr output mode. I'm curious to try it, but first I'll have to prepare the replacement for my parents, as they're using the old server now.